An Introduction

At the recommendation of a teacher, I’ve decided to get off my butt and start a blog for the writing that I do. You know, sharing is caring, exposure is good…You’re on the internet all day anyway, who are you kidding.

They might not have said that last one, but I’m sure they were thinking it. At any rate, I’m going to do my darnedest to update here every so often with things I’m working on/am not ashamed to let see the light of day! So, here’s a little bit about yours truly:

  1. I’m a lady…Or at the very least, female
  2. I love Dogs, but cats can be okay
  3. I majored in theatre (the acting part, not the technical one)
  4. Comic books and video games occupy more of my life than is socially acceptable

Oh and the title for this blog is a shamelessly stolen song lyric, from what may be my favorite musical about an inventor: Gutenberg! The Musical. The whole lyric is as follows

“Words are like wine from a better grape.”

Yeah. For a silly little piece of theater, I think it had some good ideas. So tune in boys and girls for some words!

~KC Forsh

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