Rain Goddess

I saw her on a rainy street corner,

Her hair limp with water

That may have been her tears.

Her eyes were a cumulonimbus cloud,

Wild and fast as a storm.

Hers was a feral beauty,

Blinding as a lightning strike.

She spoke with a voice that

Boomed like thunder and said

“Keep your chin bent high,

Your eyes wide open and your

Heart held tight at your side.”

I was overwhelmed by those

Rain tinted eyes.

She smiled and

It was as if the sun

Peaked out through her lips.

“It’s beautiful”

Her voice grew far
The storm rolling away,

“A heart like the sky.

Cold, high and a beauty

Unrivaled, never unraveled….”

And then she melted away,

Down a leaf-covered storm drain,

And the clouds again sighed

“Child, be as the sky.”

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