Epiphany on a Rainy Night

I stayed late beyond the witching hour

To watch the maiden Dance across the sky.

Nervous, behind the clouds she stepped,

Then fierce before them.

She moved as lightning,

Streaks across the sky,

Her hair in her wake.

Her consort moved in time,

The wind through her leafy skirts.

His great horns, branches

Bent against her shape.

In the shadows of the trees,

From my window high,

I caught a glimpse.

And then a flash,

Brighter than all others.

I closed my eyes and saw

My soul a hawk did rise,

And rest upon his shoulder.

Then came the Mother.

Her song booming in the air.

Chiding me, consoling me.

As I stood upon his shoulder,

She beckoned me louder.

Aged maiden, closer held me.

I heard her voice clear.

Keep hope.

You are loved,

Child of the Earth.

Faeries sing your name.

Peace, still

Love all things.

She preened my feather sweetly.

Drowsy, to my body,

The Crone did help me fly.

Her wisdom washed the city,

Cleansed the sky.

Hope, peace, dream.

I captured her words

In to a glass as they

Fell in to my eyes,

Lulling me to dream,

My body in the sky.

A forest great, always full.

Brothers, sisters, mirthfully

We glide on air to


And there.

A nymph upon a rock,

A lute he strummed.

I woke, him gone,

But my chalice full.

Hope. Peace, Dream.

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