New Year’s Resoltions

Ohhhh it’s that time again, is it?

2013 was pretty great. After bouncing around from place to place and sleeping on a few couches, my family has a house again, my sister got married, I got a job I don’t hate, and I started my final year of college. Minus some crazy dental things that happened at the last second of the year, it’s been a pretty solid one I think.

But, resolution time. Besides graduating and not going crazy in the process, I figure I should make at least one. And since weight loss is wayyy too daunting when you’re not feeling well, I figure I’ll go for a writing based one. I’m going to do my damndest to write. Every day. And not the usual three to four sentences at a time I send off to a friend I story with over text messaging. No, like really write. I want to finish that first prompt list, and then start on a second one. Maybe even a poetry themed one! And not edit the pieces like crazy and scrap them before sharing them…Because that happens way too much.

So here’s to a 2014, filled with stories, poems, and hopefully fewer last minuet root canals!

~K.C Forsh


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2 responses to “New Year’s Resoltions

  1. I am doing the same this year! Writing a piece, a chapter or something longer than a paragraph every day is my goal this year! I may just have to steal some of your prompt list when I loose some of my steam! Good luck in your writing!

    • Right?! I mean, little snippits back and forth with a friend is great and all, but I really need to work on things for real. The prompt list thing is super fun. I used that one back when Role Play boards were still a really popular thing. A villain, if you couldn’t tell by the rather dark words. Good luck to you too!

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