41. Rip

The blue pinstripe suit had seen better days, that was certain. And before he left the house, his wife had told him at least three times to just toss the thing. He had plenty of others after all, and all of them much nicer than the old thing. But, he affectionately dusted off the shoulder of the jacket and smiled.

“It’s my lucky suit, you know that. I wore it on our first fancy date. That nice restaurant where we sat at the Chef’s table. And for my interviews for my first big job. All of my important presentations for my masters…It’s a big day, and this is a big suit.”

She just rolled her eyes and warned him yet again that he really should wear something else. She kissed her on the cheek and grabbed the lunch she’d packed up before running out of the house.

“Big day, big day.” he started up the car, drumming on the steering wheel. “I’ve got this. No problem.” nodding his head, he took off for his office building.

With this promotion, they could finally get that house. And it would mean that his mother could stop hassling him about not having grand kids yet. It wasn’t as if they could fit a baby in the tiny apartment they currently had. The meeting wasn’t until noon, so he had ample time to sit at his desk and try not to panic. And he did an exceptional job of it too, only hyperventilating as it got closer to lunch.

“Oh you’re ridiculous.” the girl at the next cubicle over laughed. “You’ll be fine. You work hard, and you deserve it. Kay?”

He nodded and muttered a quick thank you before he strutted off to the bathroom, to have his panic attack in peace. He was much calmer as he returned, though, sitting back down in his-


The whole office had to have heard that. His eyes were wide. Nearly as wide as the split seam on the seat of his pants. He looked don at the clock of his computer, gasping. 2:30. No time to run home and change, not with the traffic, and his wife would be at school still.

“Hey…Nance….You still got that sewing kit?”

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