Accidental Brilliance

This was a cento poem that was a product of a creative writing class. We all had to write like six line poems, and then take a line from each one and construct a totally new poem. Kind of a cool idea really. But, this one was what I came up with. It’s actually really hard to tell that this was like…sixteen-ish different poets.

What I can tell you is how I felt

From the outside looking in.

Not a leap of faith,

Wind against my face and

Gradd soon fades, the greens blur and

Glow in the dark.

The stars have begun to move in and out,

Hot humid air fills my lungs;

To create destruction is to protect our freedom.

Time running out-


This is where I can soar, edging near the cliff, fingers flying,

And I realize that part of me can never leave.

So cheer up and in the end everything will be just fine.

I walk with Kings through mountains.

She fills it with gossamer

In the palace of the stars.

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