Planner or Pantser: What kind of writer are you?

Okay, so I’ve been trying to outline the latest chunk ‘o novel text I’m working on. Trying something new, to see if it helps. And I’ve come to this conclusion: I suck at outlining. Or I suppose, I’m just really, really awful at planning things in advance. Minus the just, grander scheme and plot for what I’m working on.

To borrow terms from every author’s favorite challenge (or a college student writer’s nightmare)  in NaNoWriMo, I’m a pantser. As in the fact I fly by the seat of mine and go wherever the story takes me that day. Not that I pull down peoples pants on the playground…Okay, maybe if they really deserve it. College has bullies too you know!

I’m also kind of old fashioned, and do a first draft of pretty mush everything by hand. Lots of pretty colored gel pens litter the bottom of my backpack. And I may or may not have fixd up my mother’s old typewriter…And by maybe, I mean her name is Carrie, and I love her. And here’s a generic picture from google of her. Eventually everything gets on a computer and is formatted and all that, but it takes awhile.

So I guess my question to you, oh-blogger-sphere, is what kind of writer are you? Are you a dedicated planner with cork boards and well thought through lines that you don’t deviate TOO from (ohhh how I envy that)? Or are you the kind of person (like me) who starts out with a basic beginning, middle, and end and then tries to tie them all together with the power of caffeine, tears, and maybe a little bit of “yeah…that works…For this draft”? Are you all I-Pads and writing software? Or do you dig out the fountain pens (or totally awesome gel pens!) and scroll through e-bay for cheap typewriter ribbon? Do tell!


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