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25. Collide

It is never a good idea to walk through a crowded hallway while getting lost in a book. Some people don’t exactly take kindly to being bumped in to with no apology. Not that Beth was a particularly rude girl. You see, she would just…Forget sometimes, that’s all. She would start reading some new book on the morning bus to school. Of course, being that she was a good student, it would stay in her bag during lessons. If it was a particularly good one, though, you could see her itching to get back at it the whole of the lesson.

The moment the bell rang, though, it would be back in her hands. She was always the person out of the room, and the last person that you wanted to be stuck behind in the hallway. Oh Beth always made it to class right before the bell rand, but it was always close. And if you were behind her and had to go further than she did? Well, you were better off just stopping by the office to pick up the late slip you were going to be sent to get and take your time.

The teachers loved it, of course. A public school on the No Child Left Behind list from hell,t hey were just glad to see one of their students was still reading for enjoyment. Enjoyment until someone for fed up and knocked her in to a locker, but enjoyment none the less. She dusted herself odd when a boy in a hurry shouldered her in to the nearest row of them.

“Rude.” Beth muttered under her breath, pushing her classes back to where they belonged on the bridge of her nose. “You could just say excuse me.”

Naturally, the boy was already down the hall and around the corner. She shook her head, though, happily going back to the lien in her book. It was such a good one, she never minded reading it more than once. She even mouthed the words as she read and walked again.

It wasn’t often that she got bumped in to twice so rapidly. It also wasn’t often that the other person happened to fall on their backs as well.

“Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” the boy said. “Oh, your glasses.”

When she took them from him and put them back on, she blushed a bright pink. The boy was trying to pick up all the papers that he had dropped, shuffling them about to put them back in order.

“It’s okay. Here, let me help.” she grabbed a few of the pieced before they could be stepped on by the other people rushing through the hall.

“Thanks.” he took them gladly, noticing the book still on the ground. “Is that yours? It’s a good one. I’ve read it like three times.”

“What? I mean yes, it’s one of my very favorites.”

Beth didn’t bump in to too many people in the hall after that. She was much too bust with the boy who stopped to say sorry.



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Update type things!

So, if you use this¬†handy page to find things I post (which you should, because liking things is hard danggit!) in terms of short/flash fiction, you might see some things that are crossed out but not linked to. Now, you might be thinking that, well she’s just lazy because remembering to go and put those link things in is a pain. Well you’re right, I am lazy.

But! that’s not the reasoning for it! I’m considering trying to put together a little bundle of short things in book form, just to see if I can hack it with sharing beyond you lovely people. So I’m going to be selfish and keep some of the things I’m working on for¬† placement in potential book form. So that way you can be surprised!

So stay tuned to see if it happens! Ooooh the suspense! Palpable, I know.

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