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Camp Nano-ohholymotherofgodwhyamIdoingthisagain-wrimo


April this year in Chicagoland is full of terrible weather, hiding under the blankets from whatever the world is attempting to throw at you, and, of course, Camp nanowrimo, from the people that bring you National Novel Writing Month. It’s a great exercise in writing, if you aren’t freaking out about how you really should have planned better for it.

But, we will soldier on! Or at the very least, get through half the month and realize that even though you got to set your own word goal, you still aimed painfully high…Yeah, that sounds about right.

I’m working on a draft of a short story collection this month, and am two in, starting the third one tonight with any luck! And I’ve been keeping my internal editor (aka the monster that renders useless┬áthe first draft of everything I do ever like seriously) more or less in check, knock on the terrible fake wood of my desk.

How about you? Are you playing along this month? If so, what are you working on? Have you already ingested way too much caffeine? Or are you playing it safe, and stocking up those juicy ideas for this November when the REAL fun begins? Do tell!



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