It lives! Return of the Author

Oh my goodness, if blogs collected layers of dust like notebooks do, I’d be having an asthma attack I’m pretty sure!

I promise, I’ve been working on a few little things off of the prompt list, which you’ll see one of today! For the next little while, there’ll be one new post guaranteed on Wednesdays (at the very least for the next month or so). They’re rough, and mostly only edited for the massive amounts of spelling errors that tend to plague everything I do.

Poetry is still pretty sporadic and dependent on if it survives getting torn to pieces and tossed at the cat when she misbehaves. Which lately? The cat is getting a little buried in paper scraps.

Current writing status: Trying to conquer writer’s block one gel pen at a time. Today, it’s a copper one. Tomorrow, I’m thinking neon. Writer’s block hates florescence.

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