65. Candle

“You’re fibbing! I’m gonna go and tell your mom you’re fibbing again.”

“Harmony no! I”m not fibbing.” The little girl grabbed at her friend’s arm to pull her back on to the floor where they were sitting. “Not fibbing.”

“Magic isn’t real, Kelsey. Only babies think that it is. Sister Terry told us in Sunday school that it’s all just stories to tempt little boys and girls. Jesus is the only person with magic, and that’s because  God gave him the powers to make miracles.”

“But what about Moses? He did magic too.”

“Either way, you can’t be Jesus or Moses. You aren’t even a boy.” Harmony crossed her arms.

Kelsey groaned, diving under her pink and fluffy bed for something. The other girl pretended she didn’t care, arms still crossed with her head tilted away. She peaked from the corner of her eye though, watching Kelsey’s little legs wriggle madly as she searched.

“What are you doing?” Harmony finally gave in and asked. “You’re going to get all dirty.”

“I’m lookin’ for something to prove that I’m not fibbing.”

“Well you can stop.” Harmony ‘humph’ed, turning her head away again. “I already know that you aren’t telling the truth so-”

“Found it!” Kelsey wriggled back out from underneath the bed, clutching a box to her chest. “Okay, this will prove everything.” she set it on the floor between them.

“A box?” Harmony frowned as she looked down at it, clearly expecting something more exciting than cardboard. “How’s a box supposed to prove you can do magic? I’m not dumb, Kelsey.”

“It’s the stuff inside the box, Harmony. Duh.” Kelsey nudged the lid up just enough to slip out a small, plastic bottle. “Sand, from when I went to Florida with my mom and dad.” She pulled out the stopper, pouring the sand on to the lid of the box. “Now watch.”

Harmony held her breath as Kelsey pointed at the little pile. Kelsey moved her finger in the air above it, making sure she wasn’t touching the grains. As she did they moved, forming the shape of the heart that she had been tracing.

“You’re touching it!”

“I am not. See.” Kelsey held up her clean little finger. “Not touching anything.”

“Fibber. I don’t believe you.” Harmony’s arms remained crossed.

Nor did Harmony believe  that the pretty blue feather moved even when they both held their breath. The same went for when the box itself moved across the floor without either of them touched it.

“You just put strings on it. Like the pretend magician at Sarah’s birthday party last month.” she shook her head. “Just wait until your mom hears what a fibber you are.”

“I’m not-Fine, I know what you’ll absolutely one hundred percent believe.” Kelsey went back in to the box, pulling out a package of unopened birthday candles. “I can light one of these. without a match.”

“We’re not supposed to play with candles” Harmony gasped as if Kelsey ha just suggested that they go get the scissors out of the “no touching” drawer in the kitchen. “My mom says-”

Harmony fell silent when Kelsey pulled one of the blue and white wax sticks out of the paper packaging. Kelsey pinched the bottom between two fingers with her left hand, and the wick with her right.

“Kelsey, don’t.”

“Why? Because you believe me?” The little girl smirked wickedly when her friend gawked.

“No. Magic isn’t real.” Harmony still shook her head. “But your mom is gonna get really mad if she knows you have candles in your room.”

Kelsey rolled her eyes, removing her fingers from the wick. In their place, a small fire burned. Harmony’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Told you so.” Kelsey blew the flame out and dropped the candle into the box once more. “Wait until you see what I can do with my dolls.”

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