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(but I love you)

This is not a love poem.

No this poem is not about

How pretty your





Are and how they make my





Ache when I think about them.

So if you were looking for the one

Where the girl gets up the courage

To tell you she loves you:

This poem is not for you.

You can find my other pieces

If that’s what you want to hear.

This is a poem for walking away.

Because I am





With hurting with you.

Not hurting you,

Not being hurt by you.

Because being with you hurts.

Because I want





For now.

And that is the one thing

You can’t give me.

And I can’t take back

The things I gave you.

I can’t take back my





But you can keep those pieces

Because this is not a love poem.

This is a poem for healing.

This is not a door I am slamming,

But a window I need to open

Because I don’t want to go.

I want to keep





For now.

But I’m not what you need right now

And so I need to go.

No not Forever.

For now.

I need to leave so I can learn

How to be your




So this isn’t another poem

About unrequited love.

This is not a poem

Where you’ll wake up

And I’ll be here and you’ll

Be Available

Be Willing

Be Ready

To try something new.

No this poem

Is not a love poem.

But I love you.

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Phoenix at First Sight

I never really believed
In love at first sight.
But, I truly admire those
Who can believe in nothing but.
Their passion is loud,
Roaring like a lion and burning
Like a phoenix beating its wings.
There’s this Australian comedian,
With too much hair and WAY too much eyeliner.
He wrote this song about love that
I think sums up my passion well.
There’s this line about love growing
Like a tumor, and spreading
And how he should have had it removed when
Their love was benign and it’s more true
Than I think I could phrase.
See I love slowly.
But, a snail’s paced love affair
Never writes as well as when
You see them and you know.
I mean don’t get me wrong
I’m a sucker for pretty eyes,
But that’s not love to me.
If it was, I’d throw my heart
At the feet of every
Blue eyed boy
Or red haired girl
Or shy smiled-
Look, you get it.
But then I met you.
And YOUR blue eyes
And YOUR not so shy smile.
And I realized what they meant when
They said You Had me at Hello.
And I burned like a phoenix
And I roared like a lioness.
And you-
I learned what it felt like
To be a firebird when it dies.
Their own flames consume them,
And they burst into ashes.
Then they are reborn
To begin, to love, again from
Their countless pieces.
But I heal like I love:
A snail in Phoenix feathers
With her shell made of ash
Inching towards being made anew.

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