39. Hunger

“Do you really have to hide under that ridiculous thing?”

“Do you really want to carry a pile of ash back to the apartment? I’d rather not come back missing a finger.”

Christopher laughed. It was hard not to with the way his fiance’s fingers tightened on the handle of the black umbrella. With the fact there was not a single cloud in the sky, it probably looked strange to anyone else walking down the street. After all, the messily cropped black hair and deep brown eyes meant that Erik wasn’t an albino or anything.

“I could deal with a missing finger or two. Though there is one appendage I’d rather not risk you losing…”

“Why did I let you drag me out here again? It’s so bright out.” Erik withdrew his sunglasses from his pocket, putting them on so he could stop squinting.

“Because I want ice cream, that’s why. And you love me. So quit your bitching and keep walking.”

Before Erik could groan back at him, Christopher leaned up and kissed him, faces hidden under the brim of the Umbrella. The taller man sighed, wrapping an arm around him while being careful not to poke it out from the shade.

“I hate you.”

“Liar. Ohh, Baskin Robbins!”

Christopher grabbed Erik’s hand, pulling him down the street to the store. The umbrella stayed up until they were fully inside, which got a few looks. Erik’s glare kept them quiet though.

“I’m gonna get a pint.” Christopher’s smile made Erik smile.

“Whatever you want, Love. Just make it quick.” he nudged him toward the counter.


Curled back up on the couch in their two bedroom apartment, Christopher tossed the lid of the ice cream at his dark haired partner who was headed into the kitchen.

“Babe, grab me a spoon!”

“After you throw things at me? Have you ever heard the saying you get more flies with honey than with vinegar?”

“Grab me a spoon please?”


He came back with the spoon and sat beside him before handing it over. Christopher curled up happily against his side as he dug the spoon into the container.

“Want some?”


“Sorry, habit. At least I offered.”

He pulled up a chunk of the green colored ice cream and slurped it off of the spoon. Erik looked down at the noise, licking as he watched Christopher suck the cream from the spoon. The next spoonful was accompanied by a moan that wasn’t normally reserved for eating. Erik licked his own lips as he watched the smaller man lick partially melted ice cream off of his hand that had dripped onto it.

His dark eyes flashed black, saliva building in his mouth and fangs extending as he watched Christopher’s eyes closed. Christopher paid no mind, continuing to moan and wriggle happily over the ice cream pint.

“I haven’t had mint chocolate chip in so long. I wish that you could-”

He opened his eyes and glanced up at Erik. The way the vampire licked his lips made him swallow what was still in his mouth. He set the spoon on his knee, putting the container on the coffee table in front of them.


“Thought you’d never ask.”

The spoon clattered to the ground as Erik pinned Christopher to the arm of the couch. The moan as fangs pierced skin was the same as when the mortal had his first taste of ice cream. The rumble of a laugh against his flesh caught Christopher off guard.

“What’s so funny?” He panted, trying to catch his breath as the fangs shifted under his skin.

Muffled through a mouth of blood that tripped across his chin, Erik managed to get out:

“You taste like mint chocolate chip.”

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