About the Blog

What’s going on here? A valid question! In the limited spare time I have, I like to write. Like may be an understatement, but I digress. So, this is just some stuff that I work on, and the rare bits that I’m willing to let see the light of day. I do have this tendency to get a little… Shall we say racy, sometimes. Where it’s necessary, there will be ample warning, at the start of posts, on one of the other pages linking to it, and likely even a little mark before the section it occurs in. I don’t like to offend people or make them angry. So yes, ample warning will be given where it’s needed.

Also, a large portion of the relationships that I write tend to focus around gay men. So, if that isn’t your cup of tea, please don’t write me nasty e-mails or comments about it.  Because no one likes an angry inbox.

What’s Here!

Not a whole lot just yet, I know. As I pull things together and make them presentable, they’ll be appearing here.

100 Prompts List A master list of the flash fiction prompts I’m using. If there needs to be some kind of a warning that goes beyond what you might find in the Young Adult section of your local library, you’ll likely find it on this page. It’s also just to keep me organized. If you see a word that jumps out at you, tell me. I’m always open to suggestions!

Poetry If you don’t feel like searching through things because you just want the poetic stuff, here it is! I’ll try and keep things as organized as I can there. It’s much harder to categorize.

What’s on the Way!

Everything else!

I’m only sort of kidding. I dabble in poetry now and then. I’ve even written an manuscript for a comic book.  Most of what I work on is actually significantly longer work than the flash fiction pieces, though. To satiate your hunger for knowledge, I’ll give you a few titles and locations. So generous!

The Oracle’s Sketchpad Utopian science fiction, Unknown year, Capitol city of the new leadership.

A Two-Page Preview of the First Chapter

The Olive-Lotus War “Historical” (incredibly loosely) fiction about a war that never should have happened between the Greeks and the Egyptians on a planet that never should have been made, and a love that shouldn’t have been either.

 A Taste Of Olive-Lotus War

The Blackbirds Fantasy revolving around a pair of mercenaries in a time of magic and knights, an Elf and a “demon”, and the ridiculous jobs they take and the situations they find themselves in.


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